Unfinished Histories

Unfinished Histories records the revolutionary, experimental and extraordinary work of the Alternative Theatre Movement in Britain, 1968-88, through oral history interviews and the collecting of archive material – flyers, programmes, scripts and photos. It was established by Susan Croft and Jessica Higgs in 2006 originally under the auspices of In Tandem TC becoming an independent project in 2012.

For full details please visit the Unfinished Histories website.

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Alternative Theatre questioned all aspects of theatre – who it was for and by, where it should be performed and to whom, who should perform it, what constituted a performance, a play, a venue? From these, new performance vocabularies, genres, spaces, audiences and artists emerged whose influence and presence can be traced through to present day British theatre.

Grand Magic CircusDo It (Pip Simmons Theatre Group) Natural Theatre Landscapes & Living Rooms (Roland Miller & Shirley Cameron) Stephen Berkoff - The TrialThe Roundhouse Lindsay Kemp Welfare State Photograph Photos: Roger Perry

For the bigger picture – photos, flyers, programmes and firsthand accounts of alternative theatre see the Unfinished Histories website.

Angela Stewart Park – flyers: Cinderella, Theatre Centre, Belle Reprieve
Roger Perry – photos
In 2006 Susan Croft co-produced an event at the Theatre Museum entitled Unfinished Histories where she conducted a live interview with Michele Frankel and chaired a panel discussion on feminism in theatre in the 1970s and 1980s. Soon after she and I joined forces to form Unfinished Histories under the In Tandem TC umbrella.
All images reproduced courtesy of the Unfinished History collection. For permission to use any of the them please contact Unfinished Histories.

Flyers: Cafe Theatre (see Michael Almaz), Foco Novo, Action Space, Cinderella the Real True Story, Bloolips with Split Britches, Forkbeard Fantasy, Black Arts in London, Theatre Centre, Foco Novo, People Show, Monstrous Regiment, Feast of Fools (see Incubus)
Photos: Grand Magic Circus, Pip Simmond, Natural Theatre, Roland Millar & Shirley Cameron, The Trial (Berkoff), Lindsay Kemp, Welfare State International

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