Smudge video

During the years between being first diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa and her eventual blindness, Alex Bulmer wrote the experiences of her fading and changing world perspective into a frantic outpouring of poems, fragment and short essays. From these Smudge was born. For those of us on the outside looking in, it provides a rigorous glimpse into what her journey involved and where it took her.

There are three main characters in Smudge: Freddie, a young woman who is losing her sight, Katherine, her girlfriend, and The Entity, the spectre of Freddie’s encroaching blindness.
Below are edited extracts from the production. If you like to view the whole video please contact me to arrange a viewing.

Freddie: Karina Jones
Katherine: Kathryn Akin
The Entity: Heather Richards
Director: Jessica Higgs

Date: April 2004
Venue: Ovalhouse
Producer: In Tandem TC
Funding: Arts Council London, Orange Community Awards, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation

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